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want to provide tax rates for companies here in the united states. governor romney and i both agree that we have to boost american energy production, and oil and natural gas production are higher than they have been in years. but i also believe that we have to look at the energy source of the future, like wind, solar, and biofuels and make those investments. so all of this is possible. in order for us to do it, we have to close our deficit. one of the things i'm sure we'll be discussing tonight is how do we deal with our tax code and how do we make sure we are reducing spending in a responsible way, but also how do we ensure we have enough revenue to make that work. this is a difference, because governor romney's plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of the bush tax cuts, so that's another $5 trillion, in addition to military spending that the military has not asked for. that's $8 trillion. how do we pay for that and make the investments we need to make without dumping those costs on to middle class americans, i think, is one of the central questions of this campaign. >> gover
in 10 states, a significant amount were undecided. did that 6% look at mitt romney last night and say, boy, this is somebody i feel a lot better about than i did going into this debate? i have to think that for -- some were not paying attention, some were -- for those that were paying attention, the answer has to be yes on that. i think there will be a bump in the polls for romney. 67% believe that romney won the debate. that, by the way, is astounding number usually with the debates, our guy thinks -- our side thinks our guy one, their side of things their -- their side thinks there guy won. >> quickly, glen, explain to a group of people -- i doubt if there is an undecided voter in this room -- [laughter] what does an undecided voter look like? >> they are the guy calling back the waiter in a restaurant because they have not made up their mind for dinner. [laughter] generally, undecided voters tended to be more younger women than anything else. in this case, what i am seeing is an even division between men and women. they tend to be more independent, some conservative -- somewhat con
states and more votes from romney in other states. north carolina and michigan. a wasted vote it is a vote for somebody you don't believe in. i make a pitch that everybody waste their vote on may and i am the next president of the united states. based on my resume, there is nothing to suggest that i could not do the job but thati would do a good job at it. host: richard from new york, republican, thank you for waiting. caller: i appreciate what you did with that one debate when you mentioned ron paul. you and him what had been a good team. the only other choice besides ron paul is you. they said the less of two evils is still an evil. all this promoting the homosexual agenda. we have to have a change. ron paul was the grandfather of the tea party. i hope to see you on the show. i appreciate you running. guest: well, thank you. i support marriage equality. i think marriage equality is a constitutionally guaranteed act, on par with the civil-rights of the 1960's. host: john from illinois. john is an independent. hey there. caller: the only problem that i have is about the tax is
will depend on the states doing some things. governors understand those issues. >> i think governor romney would be in a position to instinctively understand the culture of governors, how to harness them. >> other questions? >> you stated that the president has an opportunity to set a framework. congress has been addressed a lot, and things like filibuster reform or the inability for congress to push major reforms or bills. will romney be more successful in that, or is a new congress, do they have an opportunity -- does it happen internally? >> i think this is where the executive branch has enormous power to set the agenda and to frame the issues. my only come in here would be simplify, simplify, simplify. when you are an executive position like governor, which i assume is much like the presidency, you have to simplify your list of things you are taking before the american people. your ability to get things done is pretty limited, and you have to be realistic about that, which is achievable. for the next president, i think framing the to our street must have items -- framing the two or thr
'm interested in. caller: do you think mitt romney will roll back the surveillance state? they are building a computer center in utah that is going to be directed at us. do you think romney will roll back the surveillance state? guest: we are against a fascist state at home because we want to be strong abroad. host: russell in south carolina. caller: good morning. it is always a pleasure to talk to the people at c-span. my comment with ann and the republicans -- it is amazing how she can just ignore the civil-rights movement and the voter rights bill. the voting rights bill actually changed the seven democrats in south carolina, mississippi, alabama, tennessee. a lot of states. 97% of the republicans in south carolina used to be democrats before black people got the right to vote. that is an amazing statistic that i didn't hear anybody talking about. everyone is talking about how we to turn everything to the state, almost without regard as to what the states have done in the history. she ignored that also in her book. the state has vagrancy laws. corporations have continued to enslave black
oppose the endorsement of mitt romney and paul ryan for president and vice-president of the united states. i have the great honor of introducing a great american patriot, a good friend, in the next vice president of the united states of america, paul ryan. ♪ >> hello, everybody. man. wow. look at you. look at this. awesome. man. thank you, fishersville, thank you virginia for making mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. wow. chris cox and i have been friends a long time. i have been subscribing to "american rifleman," amd " american hunter" since i was about 12. i have my own here. it has a blaze orange and camouflage cover because after we elect mitt romney presence, i can take my daughter deer hunting. hall i want to thank you virginia. i want to think the lieutenant governor. i want to thank my friend. thank you for coming. thank you for making virginia a better place. france, i love you, too. every now and then, we see a glimpse into the future. last night, we saw a clear picture. we saw a clear choice. last night, america got to see the man i know, a leade
halted the enforcement i.d.at state's voter law. the president is in henderson, nevada. mitt romney prepping at a denver hotel. this is what they had to say about the debate. >> now, you may have heard that in a few days my opponent in this election and i are going to have a debate. i'm looking forward to it. i know folks from the media are speculating on who will have the best zingers. >> you are. >> i do not know about that. who will put the most points on the board. governor romney is a good debater. i'm just ok. what i'm concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard-working americans. that's what people will be listening for. that is the debate that you deserve. >> you will get some visitors this week. there is a lot of interest surrounding the debate. people want to know who will win. there will be scoring of winning and losing. it is not so much the winning or losing. it is about something bigger than that. this is an opportunity for each of us to describe the pathway for it for america that we
romney. this happens every four years. we enter the final hours before the state -- before the debate. we later put them into perspective that we're going to try to do that. there is the rest of news reports over the weekend and this morning telling us how vital the debates are. we're here to offer a thought today on really helping all of us citizens on how to watch these debates and how to evaluate to start off with. the analysis may be the only certain thing we know about the debates of this point. we hope to go further than that. and assist you watching today in the studio, watching on c- span and live streaming to develop tips and tools to watch the debates. television debates began in 1960 with john f. kennedy facing vice-president nixon. the next debates were not until 1976. a commission was set up to run the debates. a town hall format was introduced in 1992, which will be the format for the second debate. that will take place october 16. the final debate returns to the moderator and candidates on october 22 at lynn university of florida. on the panel today to discuss going beyond
see manufacturing jobs flocking back to the united states. are you hearing these things from these other two guys? no. they are arguing over who will spend more money on medicare. romney said he wants to increase spending for the military and balance the budget. it doesn't add up. i guess we believe in santa claus and the easter bunny and i do not think they are coming. host: gary johnson is with us and will add a third line for third party voters. we will get to your calls in just a couple of moments. what is the strategy for the rest of the election? guest: right now there is a lot of attention that is being drawn to what it is that i am saying. i'm being recognized for being at 6% nationally. i'll ask you an obvious question that has an obvious answer. are you hearing my name six times for every time you hear obama or romney's name 100 times? if my name was just being mentioned in line with where i'm calling, i think my 6% would be 14% and i would be the next president of the united states. host: gary from pittsburgh. caller: i saw your debate about three months ago. you r
and long-lasting batteries. today the united states of america is less dependent on foreign oil than any time in the last two decades. now you have got a choice. we can reverse this progress like governor romney wants to do, or we can build on it. unlike my opponent, i am not going to let the oil companies write our energy plan. i'm not going to let oil companies collect corporate welfare from our taxpayers. we have a better plan where we invest in wind and solar and farmers and scientists who are harnessing new biofuels to power our cars, where construction workers are building homes and factories that weighs less energy, and we are investing to get out 100-year supply of natural gas. we can create hundreds of thousands of jobs in nevada and all across the country, and cut oil imports in half by 2020. that is my plan. but you have got to vote if we are going to make it happen. i want to give more americans the chance to get a great education and get the skills they need to compete. that is the third part of my plan. education is the only reason i am standing here today. son of a single
.s.." this is the former ambassador to the u.n. and another advisor to governor romney. i say this not to make a partisan statement here but to say that it's different. we spent years in the bush years talking about an imperial role for the united states. empire means you have a power above the rules. they make rules for everybody else. that is just not what that view is in my view. with a united states that can solve its domestic problems and recapture a sense that it is an example worth emulating that there is, although they are not nearly as strong as we would like them to become a health and strength in a multinational system. >> to talk a lot about continuity. -- you talk a lot about continuity. if you set aside the past 50 years, the longest extended a continuous strain in u.s.- international outlook was isolationism. it was looking after our own problems, staying out of it, taking advantage of the fact that the atlantic and the pacific immunize us against being involved on the other side of the world. do you worry that there is an impulse within the far right, and to some degree in the far left go
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11